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Camplite Quicksilver Tent Camper Dealer Denver CO
Towable by Passenger Cars and Minivan

Finance Application B&B RV

A full half of society drives fuel-efficient cars or mini-vans and the QUICKSILVER pop-up is the only camper in its class able to sleep six people comfortably and last for generations!
The Quicksilver eliminates many of the problems associated with pop-up trailers such as the cranks, cables and unnecessary weight.
This is the tent trailer that Coleman has selected as their choice.
You can purchase the Quicksilver without the Coleman sticker and save thousands. We also have custom options available.
Come by and take a look.

All of Our Quicksilver Tent Campers Are Equiped with:

Off-Road Package
(more rugged, better clearance, better towing, better looking)

Propane Package
(two-burner cooktop and furnace - Not available on 6.0)

Exterior Propane Quick Release
(allows for use of RV grill, not included, off propane system)

Light/Fan Accessory

* Last of the All Aluminum *

Thor No Longer Builds The Quicksilver In All Aluminum
When These Are Gone - They Are Gone!

2017 - 6.0 JEEP Extreme Edition, Silver
#0093 - $10,999

2013 - 6.0 JEEP Trail Edition, Black
#1170 - $6,595

2016 - 8.1 Orange, LP, Off Road
#4569 - $12,843

2016 - 8.1 Dark Blue, LP, Off Road, Rear Deck
#4568 - $12,843

2016 - 14XLP Orange, LP, Off Road, Hot Water
#4575 - $16,769

Quicksilver All Aluminum Tent Camper B&B RV
Model 6.0 Floor Plan

Quicksilver All Aluminum Tent Camper B&B RV
Model 8.1 Floor Plan

Quicksilver All Aluminum Tent Camper B&B RV
Model 10.0 Floor Plan

Quicksilver All Aluminum Tent Camper B&B RV
Model 10.0 Exterior

Quicksilver All Aluminum Tent Camper B&B RV
XLP Floor Plan

Quicksilver All Aluminum Tent Camper B&B RV
XLP Interior

Quicksilver All Aluminum Tent Camper B&B RV
XLP Interior

Quicksilver Tent Camper
Unloaded Vehicle Weight* (lbs.)
Dry Hitch Weight* (lbs.)
Cargo Carrying Capacity (lbs.)
GVWR (lbs.)
Travel Height
4' 0"
4' 0"
4' 0"
4' 6"
Travel Width
6' 3"
7' 0"
7' 0"
7' 0"
Overall Travel Length
10' 0"
12' 0"
14' 0"
17' 5"
Camping Height
8' 0"

8' 2"

8' 2"

8' 6"

Overall Camping Length
10' 0"
16' 0"
20' 0"
20' 0"
Hitch Height (off road pkg)
Sleep Capacity

*This weight reflects the rolling average unit weight for each model. Your trailer weight will vary according to optional equipment.

Finance Application B&B RV

If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call.
We have many units on the way!
Get your name on the one with your options and color.

Quicksilver All Aluminum Tent Camper B&B RV

The Quicksilver is very easy to put up and to put down. It is easy to tow, easy to stow, and comes in four vibrant colors.
The engineering eliminates the parts that fail in most traditional pop-ups including the heavy top, crank and cables.

Quicksilver Tent Camper Owners Video
Quicksilver Owner's Manual - Setup

Quicksilver Owner's Manual - Teardown


  • Tubular Aluminum Frame
    Lightweight; Durable; will not rust away like typical steel frames.
  • Dexter™ Independent Torsion Suspension
    Provides the smoothest ride, best tracking and less rebound in all terrains - compared to outdated spring leaf suspensions.
  • Inter-Locking Aluma-Plank Floor Deck
    Lightweight; Durable; will not rot away, sag or have soft spots like typical plywood floor decking. Frankly, there's no comparison here.
  • Tubular Aluminum Sidewall Framing
    Lightweight; Durable; will not rot away like wood.
  • Aluminum Sidewall Exterior Skin
    Lightweight; Strong, durable; offers the option of colors - vs. only white.
  • Diamond Plate Aluminum Rockguard and Trim Package (automotive styling)
    Protective; Durable and Adds a Great Look to the Exterior of the Camper.
  • Composite Interior Wall Board Covering
    Lightweight; Durable; Designed to stand the test of time - compared with the typical decorative, paper-covered wood paneling.
  • Tubular Aluminum Bed Base Framing
    Lightweight; Durable; will not rot , much stronger and more durable than typical plywood bases.
  • Tubular Aluminum Cabinet Framing
    Lightweight; Durable; will not rot versus typical wood studs.
  • Aluminum Covered Cabinetry
    Lightweight; Durable; Clean look; Designed to stand the test of time - compared with the typical wood paneling.
  • Finished Aluminum Cabinet Doors
    Lightweight; Durable; Clean look; Designed to stand the test of time - compared with the typical “presswood” doors.
  • Custom Molded Composite Countertops
    Lightweight; Durabler; Designed to stand the test of time - compared with the typical “presswood” tops with laminate.
  • Marine-Grade Vinyl Seating
    Lightweight; Durable; Design for increased comfort; built to last - compared to smaller designs and cloth seating.
    (mandatory option.)
  • Tubular Aluminum Bimini Rafter System
    Lightweight, Durable, Designed to easily slide into place and support the tent.
  • Heavy-Duty, Lightweight Tent Sets Up Easily in just minutes
    Lightweight; Durable; offering plenty of headroom; tinted windows; screens; tri-color design that holds in place with both snaps and bungee cords.
  • 76” Interior Headroom
    No more bending over in your tents! Enjoy the ability to walk around with plenty of clearance - afforded by QUICKSILVER’S interior spaciousness.


  • Foam Mats with Mattresses on the Bed Bases
    Lightweight; Durable; Mattresses are designed to be easily removable for washing.
  • 12V & 110V Electrical Outlets
    Providing Convenient access to electric for fans, heaters, coolers, lights, etc.
    2 plug-in 12V lights that attach to ceiling bars—convenient.
  • Hand-Pump Sink Faucet
    For fast and convenient access to fresh water. Comes with a 5-gallon water tank and city hook up.
  • (3)-Way LP Refer
  • 16,000 BTU LP Furnace
  • Storage Under Dinette seats
    A great place to store pots and pans.
  • Extra Large Picture Window on Sidewall
    This large, seamless window offers a great view of your surroundings.


  • Aluminum Mag Wheels
  • Automotive Style Aluminum Bumper
    Lightweight, Durable, Designed to protect the unit, featuring built-in automotive lighting package.
  • Safety Cables
    For added protection when towing
  • Lighted, Molded License Plate Holder
  • Front & Rear Stabilizer Jacks
  • Spare Tire, mounted under camper
  • Exterior Entrance Step


  • Surge Brakes
  • Convenience Package:
    First Aid Kit
    Portable 2-Burner Gas Cook top
    Battery Box
    Aluminum Outdoor Table (attaches to sidewall)
  • Awning
    Zip-on awning attaches to front of tent
    Zipper on tent is standard so awning can be ordered after purchase

    Call 303-322-6013 for more information.

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