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Late Return ($100):
(Return by 2:00pm) Late Fee $500, Subject to Availability

Package Upgrade:
No PackageValueThe Works
No Package: If you do not choose a package, the coach is to be returned as your received it – clean inside and out, propane filled and the holding tanks dumped.
Value: We clean the inside and outside, dump and rinse the holding tanks and fill the propane for you.
The Works: We provide all of the services in the Value Package plus we include the kitchen, dishes, and linen packs for your group.

If you require water in your vehicle from first freeze to last freeze (dates will vary but typically from mid-October to mid-May), there is a fee of $245 to unwinterize and rewinterize the coach. There are certain destinations for which water will not be allowed.
Contact us for more information.

Bike Rack $65:
(Holds up to 4 bikes)

Pets $125:
(One-time fee for all pets)




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We will let you know if we can fulfill your reservation. If so, your card will be charged a $500 deposit and 30 days prior to departure, the remaining balance due will be charged to your card.
If your reservation is within 30 days of your departure, the total amount will be charged to your card.
There are NO REFUNDS for CANCELATIONS. If you have to cancel, you will receive a credit that can be used for a new reservation within 12 months following the date of your canceled reservation.
If you are not comfortable booking online, please call 303-322-6013 to reserve.

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