InTech Flyer Explore

The InTech Flyer Explore is a brilliant addition to the InTech lineup. With its Rugged design and extensive features, the InTech Flyer Explore is the perfect trailer for your next family camping trip.

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WEIGHT RANGE: 1,440 – 2,020 LBS

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Introducing InTech Flyer Explore

InTech Flyer Explore Rugged Design

Rugged Design

Explore all the corners of the world. Every Flyer is built utilizing an All-Aluminum, Fully Welded Cage Frame, making them strong enough to handle conditions when you find yourself off the paved trail. Explore is the micro-lite toy hauler that can go where traditional RVs simply cannot.

Spacious Interior

Explore is the largest of the Flyer models and comes standard with a roadside tip-out and can be optioned with a second tip-out on the curbside. Explore is larger on the inside than you might imagine and can comfortably sleep 4-6 adults depending on the number of tip-outs.