Who We Are

We have been fortunate to enjoy the RV lifestyle all our lives. At one time, we were even living and traveling in an RV from northern Alaska to southern Mexico for a full year with young kids. The B&B RV, Inc. dealership was established 1999 and that three year old that traveled North America living in an RV is now our general manager. Our RV home was named Mort because he pronounced motorhome as “mortorhome” and suggested that we call it Mort for short. We have grown into a full-service dealership and are still family-owned and family-operated. We have built a caring professional team that enjoys helping others enjoy the RV lifestyle.

A Bit About Us

B&B RV, Inc. in Denver, Colorado is the only Colorado certified 5-Star RV rental dealer with RVRD.org.
We have knowledgeable employees with the desire to help our customers create lasting memories, whether they are renting or purchasing.
Our sales philosophy is to listen to our customers, learn how they plan to use the RV or camper trailer and give them our advice based on our experience and knowledge to help them select the unit that best fits their needs and desires. We strive to be the unique dealer with a unique, high quality and lightweight inventory. We are the #1 dealer for most every product we carry.
Our rental philosophy is to provide the best quality, most upgraded RV possible while remaining competitive. Our volume purchasing allows us to have our fleet built to our specifications while purchasing for less allowing us to keep our pricing competitive. We listen to our customers and for years they have told us that they appreciate that we don’t make them drive a billboard and we include many upgrades in our rental units. One of the closest major RV rental facilities to Denver International Airport, we are easily reached by those wishing to fly into Denver to start their RV vacation.
Taking care of customers after the sale is as important as it is during the sale. We believe in good old-fashioned customer support. Our service department is growing and we strive to give the same quality service when helping to repair or maintain your RV or camper trailer. We strive to get customers that purchase from us or store their unit with us into our schedule in a timely manner. We understand that a major complaint for most dealers service centers is that they couldn’t get a timely appointment. While we are busy, we do our best to help our customers be ready and prepared for their next adventure. We have the personnel, tools and equipment as well as the experience in our service department to handle maintenance or repair needs before, during and after the sale.

Our Team

Our philosophy is to treat our customers as we would like to be treated. We think most people would agree that customer service is too rare given the large corporations are running much of our lives. We feel that good old-fashioned customer service is important and we strive to provide that level of service in all that we provide. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and that of your family and friends.

Why We Do It

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience while helping our clients enjoy the RV lifestyle whether they are renting for a weekend or purchasing a new coach, camper, Jeep or micro home. We know we can only be successful by striving to be friendly, courteous, compassionate, and responsive. Our team has years of experience using RV’s not just selling RV’s. We pride ourselves on supplying you with a quality motorhome, Jeep, micro home, camper trailer or tent trailer..

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality products and services to help others create lasting memories through the enjoyment of the RV Lifestyle.