B&B RV, Inc. is the Premier Colorado RV Dealer

We provide grade A+ RV sales and camper sales in Denver, Colorado.
We have a large selection of high quality, updated, slightly used RVs for sale.
We also represent top quality, off-road and off-grid camper trailers including
both hard-sided trailers as well as top quality tent trailer campers.

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class a RV for sale in Denver, Colorado


2018 Windsport
Off-Lease Sale
Bath & 1/2 Model

Class B Diesel rv dealer denver, colorado


2018 Off-Lease Models
24SS Recliners
24ST King Bed

class c motorhome for sale in Denver, CO


2017 Off-Lease Models
Limited Availability
2018 Off-Lease Models
Several Floor Plans

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Quality, Unique, Lightweight, Off-Road & Off-Grid
Campers and Camp Trailers

We are constantly researching and negotiating with recreational vehicle and camper manufacturers in every corner of the world. We select and represent the best-of-the-best manufacturers and specialize in quality, unique, lightweight, off-road and off-grid campers and products that offer a great value for your money.
Our inventory includes true lightweight, off-road and off-grid ready campers and camp trailers to take your adventure to the next level.
We are proud to be a Denver RV Dealer serving the west. Whether you live in Colorado or any state in the west, we are here to help. Yes, we do sell to many customers on the east coast as well. We carry unique, quality trailers not found on many dealer lots in the country. Some units are exclusive to B&B RV, Inc. If you are looking for a new Camper or used RV, we can help.

We are TAXA’s #1 Dealer for their Cricket Camper Trailers, Tiger Moth Campers and the Mantis Camper Trailers.
We are currently the only dealer to carry the Boreas Off-Road Camper built her in Colorado.
We are the #1 dealer in the U.S. for the Australian Opus Tent Trailers and Opus Air Tent Camper.
Our inventory includes the Aluminum intech Trailers and Toy Haulers.
We are a proud dealer for the all-new, outback-tough Australian Crux Tent Camper.
We now carry the innovative, award winning SylvanSport Go Tent Trailer and Toy Hauler.

Our motto is “There Is A Difference.”

At B&B RV we stand out from other RV dealers because we maintain and service every RV and trailer model in our inventory, in order to provide our valued customers with the best possible solutions for their travel needs.  We have a high standard for customer service, because our team deeply cares about your travel experience in one of our RVs or trailers.  Come see why the world’s most innovative and high-caliber manufacturers have chosen B&B RV, Inc. as their dealer!

As the #1 dealer for the RVs and trailers that we carry, we invite you to come in and take a look at our vast inventory!  If you’re looking for an RV or trailer for sale in Denver, Colorado that is in excellent condition, contact us with questions or make an appointment today to visit us at our new location.

Yes, we do take trades!

cricket trailer for sale in Colorado


Rocky Mountain Edition
6’4″ in Kitchen when Up
Fits in Garage When Down

taxa mantis campers for sale in Colorado


Bunks, Sofa or Storage in Front
Fits in Garage
Toilet/Shower Option

Tiger moth travel trailer for sale in Colorado


More Than A Teardrop
Sit Up Inside
Awning & Kitchen Drawer off Rear

Overland Into the Wild Boreas Trailer


All-Terrain Suspension
Built-In Solar
Hot Water & Furnace

Intech travel trailer sales


All-Aluminum Construction
Includes 6’x6′ Tent Off Back
Doubles as Utility Trailer

Intech toy hauler travel trailer


All-Aluminum Construction
Premium Vinyl Floor Covering
Tip-Out Sleeping Area



Award Winning Design
Tent Camper
Toy Hauler & Utility Tailer

Opus RV dealer in Denver, CO


Australian Outback Tough
Off-Road Tent Trailer
Optional Furnace


Australian Tent Camper
Pull-Out Kitchen
Portable Solar Included

Oasis RV sales


Shasta Since 1941
Clearance SALE
All 2017 Models

Revere travel trailer sales

Fiberglass Exterior Not Shown

Shasta Since 1941
Fiberglass Exterior
Clearance SALE


We have a collection of vehicles etc. available
for sale from past purchases and trade-ins.

RV Sales in Denver, Colorado

B&B RV strives to be a quality RV dealer serving our customers with the products and the service to earn their business as well as that of their friends and family. We are in the recreational vehicle business because we have years of experience using and living in RVs and would like to share our knowledge and excitement of the RV lifestyle with others who are interested in the RV Lifestyle.  B&B RV offers dependable and high quality RV sales in Denver, Colorado.

We also specialize in quality, lightweight camper trailers and toy haulers.

A Colorado RV Dealer You Can Trust

RV dealers in Denver are conglomerating more and more into large, national chains. These dealerships have a tendency to cut corners on the customer experience in order to maximize their bottom line. We believe we’ve been able to thrive in this environment because we put the customer first. If you’re looking for travel trailers for sale in Colorado, you’re probably looking for some of the highest quality options on the market. The terrain surrounding Denver can be extremely hard on any vehicle, so you need a product that can stand up to the punishment. We listen carefully to what you’re looking for and match you to the best option possible. We believe that making you happy will keep you coming back, and selling you what you don’t need will only lose your business in the long run.

Campers for Sale in Denver

Our inventory of campers for sale is one of the most option-packed in the state of Colorado. We import only the best products on the market from all over the world. Campers in Denver have a need for quality equipment that is unlike any city in the country. Because of this demand for quality, we make it a point to establish relationships with the top manufacturers on the planet. It’s easy to find a simple pop-up camper for sale that is built for standard camping terrain. However, we put an emphasis on units that can stand up to the punishment of the Rocky Mountains’ extreme environments. All so you can get out there and have the adventure of your life.

Our Motorhomes are Built to Last

Some of our customers travel in their RV’s almost full time. There is currently a growing trend of what is known as “digital nomads.” These are people who are able to work remotely for their job and therefore have the option to be constantly on the move. For situations like this, buying a new motorhome is no simple task. When the vehicle goes from a vehicle to a home, the emphasis on quality goes up dramatically. If you will be making extremely long trips or plan to live in your unit full time, don’t be shy! Let us know so we can be sure to consider all of your options carefully. Lucky for you, we have the motorhomes that are up for the task.


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