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Ecocapsule In Mountains

Self-Sustainable Camping

The ECOCAPSULE is specially designed for off-grid mid-term living and camping.  It contains a dual system of energy production that includes wind and solar technologies.  The ECOCAPSULE also collects and filters rainwater for safe consumption.  The outer shell of the micro-home maximizes the amount of water that can be collected, while simultaneously providing highly efficient thermal insulation from outside elements.

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Great for Campground “Cabins”

Perfect for Off-Grid Mid-Term Living on Your Remote Property

Self-Contained Micro Home


Ecocapsule Bathroom small

Fully Functional

Ecocapsule Energy Small

Solar and Wind

Ecocapsule Bedroom small

Bedroom/Living Area

Many Advantages Over Typical Tiny Home


  • Exterior length: 15.32ft
  • Exterior width: 7.22ft
  • Exterior height: 8.20ft
  • Height with the wind turbine pole extended: 13.45ft
  • Dry Weight: 2976lb
  • Weight with full water tanks: 3461lb
  • Weight with trailer and full water tanks: 4409lb
  • Dual Energy Production System
  • Water Collection and Filtration System
  • Minimal and Comfortable Design
  • Off-Grid Mid-Term Living
  • Optimized For Transportation
  • Custom Trailer Option
  • Drop Into Very Remote Locations with Helicopter

Take Your ECOCAPSULE Anywhere

ECOCAPSULE on a beach
ECOCAPSULE on a mountain
ECOCAPSULE in the city
ECOCAPSULE on a remote island

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