OBI Dweller Camper

The OBI Dweller Camper sleeps 2-4 people and features premium amenities for all of your off-grid travels.

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State-Of-The-Art Camper

The Dweller brings the 21 st century to the camping world with state-of- the-art equipment that not only makes camping easy but more enjoyable for any type of family wanting to escape from the city life and get outdoors. The ultramodern interior design makes the word luxury look like an understatement. With the first of its kind “in the bunk” technology; the a/c is underneath the bed keeping things ice cold inside for hot days or turning up the heat for cool nights. It allows you or your family to break away from the normal paved camp sites and incorporate the same amenities for more of a dispersed off-grid experience.

Get Off-Road!

OBI is committed to creating a product that will satisfy any family need or want when it comes to going camping. We cover the needs ranging from your avid dispersed camper to your rookie campers who only go occasionally.

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