InTech Luna

The InTech Luna is a brilliant addition to the InTech lineup. With its Rugged design and extensive features, the InTech Luna is the perfect trailer for your next family camping trip.

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WEIGHT RANGE: 1,025 – 1,280 LBS

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Welcome To InTech Luna

inTech RV’s Luna is a teardrop camper that embodies the spirit of never-ending adventure.

Designed To Inspire

Luna is reimagining and redefining the classic teardrop camper. With an inspiring fresh new look, the refined interior is considerately designed to maximize space and incorporates well-deserved conveniences and features with lush materials and finishes.

Premium Amenities

Inspirited by today’s modern kitchens, Luna is brimming with all your favorite conveniences you need to prepare great meals away from home. You will appreciate the premium and lush materials as you cook outside and take in everything nature has to offer.