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Photo Contest


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2019 Contest Guidelines

We want to inspire and be inspired to travel – so we invite guests of B&B RV to submit photographs and/or a 1 to 3-minute video of your family and friends out on your RV adventure for a chance to win!! We want to see it all including pics of your family doing fun activities in the RV or other locations, your amazing views, your catch of the day, the RV visiting amazing locations and whatever else you choose to photograph or video showing off different parts of your adventure.

The winner receives a $500 Amazon gift card. We’ll also choose 2nd and 3rd place winners for a few more fun prizes.

Photos and videos should be uploaded through this web page. Please fill in all the information fields below including your name, phone number and email address and check the required photo release box.  The deadline to submit photos is September 15th, 2019.

Images and videos will be judged based on creativity, how well they portray the outdoor/RV lifestyle, fun or beauty factors, quality of image or video, and use of the B&B RV vehicle.

Below are some examples of past photos submitted.

You can’t win if you don’t play, so show us your amazing memories!

Just A Few Of Our Favorite Vacation Shots

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Please upload your entries using the form below. Thanks for entering!

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