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Rental Packages
We have a newer more upgraded fleet with many floor plans and options.
See our rental section for details.

Hotel Special
We have a special rate for our customers at nearby hotels.

Try-Before-You-Buy Program

If you are thinking about purchasing a coach but you want to try it out first, we have a program for you. You can get one-half the nightly rate, for up to 7 nights, refunded toward the down payment on a purchase from your rental if you make the purchase within 30 days after your rental.

Profit Sharing Program
This is the least expensive way to own a coach.
The basic program is that you purchase a vehicle from us at a very good price (because it is going into our fleet). You reserve and use the coach when you want it. When you are not using it, we have it in our rental fleet. You don't have to pay for storage. Give us a call or drop by for more details.

FREE Hospitality Package included with every rental.

Same Rates for Holidays
We do not have higher prices for holidays or special events.

Built In Discount
With our pricing structure, you only pay the package price one time so the longer your rental, the cheaper the per night cost.

Lock In Your Rate
Prices are constantly changing. You can lock in your rate on the minute you make your reservation.

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We know that quality is important. We also know that our price has to be competitive. We feel that we give our customers the best value for their dollar. We also hope that some of the special items listed here will hep to add value to our service.